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A guide for engaged couples: how to prepare for your wedding and photo session.

Congratulations! You are embarking on the journey to marriage, and I'm sure your big day will be unforgettable and exactly as you've dreamed. Below are some tips from the photographer's perspective to help you prepare for this special time.

  1. Positive Attitude and Minimal Stress Remember that this is your special day, one you'll remember for a lifetime. Try to enjoy every moment and don't worry about the little things. Trust your photographer to make you look beautiful in photos. Don't stress about posing either, as the photographer will assist and suggest various poses. I guarantee you won't have any trouble, as I'll show you poses and often ask you to perform activities, which is much easier than standing still. Keep in mind that fatigue, stress, and worries can be captured in photos, so try to get enough rest and think positively before each session and on the most important day

  2. Consult the Schedule with the Photographer It's worthwhile to discuss the wedding day schedule with your photographer in advance. It's important to consider various aspects, such as the sunset, which can create beautiful lighting conditions for the photo session. Additionally, remember to capture important moments, such as photos with close family and group photos. The photographer will help you choose the right locations and timing for these sessions.

  3. Choose a Venue with Photos in Mind When choosing a wedding venue, pay attention to whether it offers a garden or interesting photo spots. These locations will significantly impact the final look of the photos. If the venue doesn't have such amenities, consider taking a group photo before the church or another suitable place.

  4. Mini Session during the Wedding Remember that the wedding photo session isn't limited to another day. You can also take a short mini session during the wedding when the lighting is more romantic and emotions are fresh on your faces! I strongly encourage planning half an hour for a session and a moment just for yourselves in the schedule.

  5. Prepare for the Engagement Session The engagement session is an excellent opportunity to get to know your photographer and get used to posing in front of the camera. It's a good idea to book such a session before the wedding so that you feel more comfortable during the wedding session. Discuss with the photographer the location, style, and props you'd like to use in this session. In my next article, you'll find everything you need to solve the eternal problem of "What should I wear?!"

Remember that this is your special day, and the most important thing is for you to be happy and relaxed. Trust your photographer to capture all the beautiful moments of the day. Don't worry about posing or whether every moment will be captured, or if you look good. I'll help you with any doubts, of course, but trust me, I'll do my best to take as much pressure off you as possible and allow you to focus on the most important thing – each other!


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